Cybersecurity Engineer

  Category :  Engineers 
  Position Type : Remote - Centizen Talent Hub 

Job Description

We are looking for a cyber security engineer with an analytical mind and a detailed understanding of cybersecurity methodologies.

Soft Skills:

  • Ability to take lead and work in a trustworthy working environment.
  • Partner with the required teams and get seamless outputs.
  • Should be curious to learn more and collaborate whenever needed.
  • Ability to independently manage projects and report/present efforts to clients.
  • Strong communication skills.


  • Planning, designing, implementing, managing, monitoring, and upgrading security measures for the protection of the organization’s data, systems, and networks.
  • Troubleshooting all network and security issues and incidents.
  • Responding to all security breaches to the network and associated systems.
  • Ensuring that the organization’s data and infrastructure are protected by enabling the appropriate security controls.
  • Participating in the change management process.
  • Testing and identifying network and system vulnerabilities.
  • Daily administrative tasks, reporting, and communication with the relevant departments in the organization.
  • Evaluating the organization’s security needs and establish best practices and standards accordingly.
  • Routinely conduct penetration testing.
  • Taking appropriate security measures to ensure that the organization’s infrastructure and existing data are kept safe.
  • Conducting testing and scans to identify any vulnerabilities in the network and system.

Required skills:· 

  • Degree in computer science, IT, systems engineering, or related qualification.
  • Work experience with incident detection, incident response, and forensics.
  • Experience with Firewalls (functionality and maintenance), Office 365 Security, VSX, and Endpoint Security.
  • Proficiency in Python, C++, Java, Ruby, Node, Go, and/or Power Shell.
  • Understanding of the OSI (Open Systems Interconnection) model and renowned ports and services can be an added advantage.
  • Significant low-level networking experience with the TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) stack can be an added advantage.
  • Great awareness of cybersecurity trends and hacking techniques.
  • Understanding of cyber security methodologies.
  • Ability to review system changes for security implications and recommending improvements.
  • One of five potential security-related certifications or capacity to acquire a Public Trust security clearance can be an added advantage.
  • Strong attention to detail with an analytical mind and outstanding problem-solving skills.

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