Data Science Manager

  Category :  Engineers 
  Position Type : Remote - Centizen Talent Hub 

Job Description

We are looking for a data science manager, to help organization leverage on data, work with and through a team of data scientists and engineers to provide valuable direction and insight, for management to make informed decisions.

Soft Skills:

  • Ability to take lead and work in a trustworthy working environment.
  • Partner with the required teams and get seamless outputs.
  • Should be curious to learn more and collaborate whenever needed.
  • Ability to independently manage projects and report/present efforts to clients.
  • Strong communication skills.


  • Develop advanced quantitative modules using a variety of programs/software to support predictive assessments
  • Responsible for communicating analytics model behavior/results to business
  • Responsible for carrying out technical risk analysis and reliability assessments
  • Responsible for performing complex analyses, including optimization, text analytics, machine learning, social-science modeling, and statistical analysis, parametric and non-parametric statistical models and techniques
  • Provide recommendations for plans, programs, strategies, policies, and budgets
  • Responsible for the design of algorithms that require different models/methods to be used together
  • Responsible for driving data quality throughout the organization
  • Apply strong understanding of data science techniques and libraries to business problems
  • Direct data science teams to complete all project deliverables.

Required skills:· 

  • Degree in Business Analytics, Computer Science, Data Science, Economics, Mathematics, Predictive Analytics, Physics, Psychology, Statistics, or related field.
  • Progressive hands-on analytics experience working for digital, eCommerce, media, and/or SaaS companies.
  • Proficient in collecting & preparing large amounts of data using SQL and Google Analytics.
  • Familiarity with statistical modeling & analysis tools such as Python and/or R.
  • Proficient in visualizing data using Tableau, Looker, and/or Power BI.
  • Proven commercial experience in A/B testing and customer/user behavior analysis.
  • Proven ability to work with cross-functional teams and stakeholders on key projects.

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