Senior IOS Engineer

San Francisco-CA
  Category :  Engineers 

Job Description

About the job

We are looking for an experienced Swift iOS engineer to help scale our SDK as we roll out more features in V2 and beyond. You will help integrate new features into the new SDK including: multiplayer tournaments, new cash out options (card, wallets, bank account, etc.), anti fraud, and more. You will also help develop features for our host app, which communicates with the SDK.

Perks of this role

  1. Our entire leadership team is technical — no more hapless explaining to non-technical executives. Fosters lighting fast communication and well thought out feature specs. Product and engineering oriented thinking.
  2. Only senior team — you will work a team of highly qualified senior engineers. You will work with a team of two other expert iOS engineers.
  3. You will be on the ground floor of product primed for growth with an underlying rock solid business model. Your work will ideally be seen and used by consumers everywhere. If we do this right, we will all succeed in a massive way.
  4. In person work provides a team spirit unmatched in zoom-only environments. Beautiful office with the best computers, monitors, chairs, and desks available. Lunch and dinner provided daily.

The ideal candidate will:

  1. Be well versed in Swift programming and architecture principals. All of our apps are built with MVVM + coordinators.
  2. Still get their hands dirty and be a 10x contributor.
  3. Be comfortable with making large architectural decisions that will impact development and ultimatly, the future of the product.

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