Technology Innovation Community Manager - 1401925T

 Job-ID :   1401925T 
  Category :  Management 
  Position Type : Contract Remote 

Job Description

Job Description

Technology Innovation Community Manager - ETW

Role based in WHQ

client ’s Technology Innovation Office (TIO) is focused on unleashing the power of technology, innovation, and talent to deliver revolutionary technology innovation products and services. Embedded in client ’s Global Technology team, the Technology Innovation Office works across all of client  and weaves together business and technology teams, supports world-class products and innovation, and relentlessly delivers new capabilities to achieve client ’s long term vision and strategies.

TIO firmly believes that innovation is more successful when done in collaboration with our internal business partners. That is why we are looking for our first Technology Innovation Community Manager, someone who can successfully evangelize the innovation spirit to our stakeholders across client . Technology innovation is about more than implementing technology. Technology Innovation is about embracing new ways of thinking and change and bringing people together on this journey. The process of technology innovation is most successful with a passionate community builder who knows how to inspire, engage, and make innovation more approachable.

What we’re looking for:

  • Excellent writing and editing skills; inspiring and innovative storytelling. Degree in journalism, English or communication preferred. Social media agency experience a bonus.
  • Experience with team branding and how teams should use corporate social channels to show up authentically.
  • Demonstrated ability to help create a sense of community within a corporate environment by helping to activate employees and helping them engage with and create a culture of digital innovation
  • Demonstrated ability to collaborate with visual designers and videographers to bring creative content ideas to life together.
  • Experience supporting employee engagement events to foster a digital innovation culture across a large organization.
  • Demonstrated ability to develop and maintain trusted relationships with a wide range of stakeholders across a geographically dispersed team. Manages time and projects with ease, following up and following through on commitments to team and stakeholders alike.
  • Remain current on the latest communication and social trends and present new initiatives to the TIO and Evangelist teams.

Important TIO Team Principles

  • Bias for action: Progress over perfection; make things concrete.
  • Test fast and frequently: Sometimes you throw away some of your early work (kill your passion projects); the important part is iterating and finding the solution that truly adds value!
  • Maintain focus: Resist the temptation to do too many things at the same time
  • Agility and adaptability: Respond quickly to changing market conditions and pivot where necessary.
  • Optimize the use of group time: Work within a meetings culture with consideration for means of communication and  push/pull updates); use the most efficient means of  collaboration whenever possible
  • Calm in a storm: Maintain calm and optimism even in the face of change and uncertainty whilst also quickly flagging and removing blockers.


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