Cloud Costing Analyst - 1394025T

 Job-ID :   1394025T 
  Category :  Analysts 
  Position Type : Contract Remote 

Job Description

Cloud Costing Analyst

The role is for a costing analyst (much like a product analyst or business system analyst). First, the person will be learning on what to do from an existing costing analyst (Mary Tran).

  • The person will be managing our Amazon cloud account and Microsoft Azure Accounts.
  • The person will be doing financial forecasting for the account based on the
  • Input received from management team
  • plans received from the team during their planning events, i.e. PI Planning, Sprint Planning, etc.
  • The person will compare our actual cost against the forecast budget.
  •  The person will report out where we are off/out from the budget
  • The person will investigate the reasons why we are off.
  • The person will monitor the run rate of our cloud expenditure and flag sudden spikes for troubleshooting and investigation
  • The person will also be providing input in the design of 2 new automated systems
  • Cloud Red solution
  • Cloudability solution
  • based on the areas where they think things are the most difficult to do or will provide the biggest benefit based on their user experience.
  • Time wise the person’s time will be broken down like this:
  • 30% on costing/reporting
  • 20% monitoring/ troubleshooting and investigation
  • 15% meetings – Finance/Technical Operations /Enterprise Platforms
  • 25% collaborate with design teams automation design and testing of CloudRed and Cloudability tools.
  • 10% misc.
  • Experience wanted/needed:
  • This is an L-Band position (junior) person.
  • Any Client Experience will be a PLUS.
  • Any person that has 1 to 2 years experience budgeting (for a team or business) and ensuring that actual expenditure is within budget limits.
  • 3 to 5 years experience working in a team setting

Qualifications/Education needed:

High School Ceritificate



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