SWP Special Projects - 1435312N

 Job-ID :   1435312N 
  Category :  Management 
  Position Type : Contract Remote 

Job Description

The role sits in People Analytics and Workforce Strategy (PAWS), within the Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP) team. SWP is the key analytical forecasting and planning capability linking business strategy to talent requirements (workforce size, structure, skills, location, and cost). This role will support development of the SWP COE and support international programs, including Organizational Governance (Org Gov). Org Gov is the approach to maintain and thoughtfully evolve Client, Inc.'s Operating Model, Size, and Shape. It is a newly-established, co-owned special program between HR and Finance that currently oversees Client's corporate population.

The role will report to the Director, SWP Special Projects, and will partner with the Director to develop the vision, strategy and deliverables of large international programs and supporting projects. We are looking for a hands-on, bias-to-action individual who is comfortable pulling together executive-level decks and getting into the weeds with on-the-ground analysts.

In this role, you would help increase efficiency in how our team operates and drive alignment across our portfolio of initiatives to improve our impact. This means ensuring we understand what initiatives we will take on as a team, who is impacted, how they are impacted, when they are impacted, and simultaneously bringing our teammates along the journey to adopt products and services developed as part of these initiatives. 

To do this, you would serve as a project manager and/or change management lead for a subset of initiatives that the team is responsible for delivering. Key activities would include: 

Creating or adapting project management tools (intake/prioritization, governance, project plans, etc.) 

Working with a cross-functional team to track progress of projects (KPIs, risks, etc.) 

Creating & managing change strategy & readiness (stakeholder analysis, communications, training, etc.) 

Simultaneously, you would spend some of your time helping set up initial operating processes and tools for our Strategic Workforce Planning team (standardizing onboarding, setting up communications cadences, etc.) 


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