Software Development Engineer in Test


Job Description

As a Software Engineer in Test, you will be responsible for helping client ship high-quality, production-grade software at a rapid pace. You’ll introduce and champion best industry testing and validation practices, build frameworks and standards for the rest of engineering to use and follow, as well as help expand our existing automation and test coverage.

Key Responsibilities

    • As a Software Engineer in Test, you will be responsible for educating the broader team and cross-pollinating knowledge and good ideas. Your unique perspective and detailed quality-focused approach will make it critical that you understand and communicate risks and problems where others might not perceive them.
    • Engineers are responsible for disrupting the status quo with great ideas and valuable feedback. An important part of your job is to introduce and evaluate new tools and technologies, evolve quality standards, and provide insightful feedback on proposals, design artifacts, and code contributions. Help create a culture where everyone learns and evolves rapidly.
    • Client embraces DevOps as a culture. As such, you will be responsible for ensuring the stability of the systems you build in production. You will need to author contributions that can be safely and automatically promoted and tested. Your services and applications must be instrumented with logging, tracing, and metrics to ensure they are diagnosable and monitored continuously for failure. You will be responsible for configuring and responding to alerts when issues occur.

Desired Skills & Experience

    • Technical depth. Software Engineers in Test need to have in-depth experience building robust testing frameworks and test automation. Ideal candidates have professional experience with the following: Frontend testing automation, Building and testing REST / GraphQL APIs, Familiarity with contract testing, functional testing and performance testing, Kotlin/Springboot, Python/FastAPI/Flask/Graphene, Javascript/NodeJS/Apollo, Hasura, Cypress, SQL and NoSQL Databases (PostgreSQL, Redshift/Spectrum, DynamoDB, DocumentDB/Mongo), Containers / Orchestration (Docker, ECS Fargate, K8s), Cloud-native Infrastructure as Code (AWS, terraform), Distributed Observability/Monitoring, and CI/CD.
    • Creative and Systematic. Can you create order from chaos? Building excellent products is not easy; it takes both creativity, and rigorous systematic thinking to drive clarity and consensus. The ideal candidate can brainstorm in the space of possibilities, and pivot quickly to synthesizing clear interfaces and acceptance criteria.
    • Defensive Engineering Mindset. We need engineers who deeply understand nuances, edge cases, limitations, and risks of the systems, technologies, and tools at their disposal, and have the battle scars to prove it. Can you anticipate the various failure modes, and design a system that can handle them? If you have experience authoring maintainable, resilient, multi-tenant salesforce applications at scale, and if you have well-informed opinions about observability, testing automation, performance, and resilience, let’s chat.
    • Product-obsessed. Ideal candidates will invest in understanding what our customers are trying to achieve and how our products work to improve the lives of various stakeholders. Never satisfied with “good enough”, the best engineers have a track record of delivering intuitive, simple, and powerful products, features, and tools.
    • Tenacious Problem Solver. Do you become obsessed when you encounter challenging problems? Whether it’s understanding what caused that gnarly production bug, or achieving performance improvements others believe is impossible, we’re looking for those who enjoy the challenge. Ideal candidates are systematic, scientific thinkers who can quickly figure out what’s true and what to do about it.
    • Growth mindset. We need lifelong, continuous learners who crave constant improvement. Building an outstanding product and company is extremely hard, and the ideal candidate understands that the growth you will experience by taking on this challenge is the real reward

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