Talent Sourcer

  Category :  Administration 
  Position Type : Contract Remote 

Job Description

What makes a Good Sourcer

•Technical savviness (Boolean searches, open web sourcing, x-ray

search, etc) and training (certifications, SourceCon attendance, etc)

•Ability to think beyond our tools, essentially ability to think beyond


•Ability to approach searches strategically

•Relentless curiosity

•Ability to get up to speed quickly on various subjects/positions/etc

•Self starter, takes initiative to learn new things + upskill

•Strong organizational + time management skills

•Persistence; desire to “win
Recruiter Responsibilities:

•Kick off each req with Sourcer; this “kick off” could be:

• Sourcer attending hiring manager kick off with Recruiter


• Recruiter completes Sourcer intake form + holds separate kick off

with Sourcer

•Candidate calibration

• When Sourcers provide candidate profiles to Recruiter, Recruiters

need to provide feedback within 48 hours

•Recruiters should hold weekly check-in with Sourcer counterparts to

ensure Sourcers have prioritization correct and that they have all the

information they need to ensure progress is being made on the req(s)

[After initial kick off] Research position responsibilities, skillset, industry

terms, competitors, etc. Essentially, become a subject matter expert on the


Uncover talent for hard-to-fill positions

• Diversity should be woven into all searches

Start sourcing in Smashfly (focus on those who have previously indicated

interest with CSC) before moving to external platforms like LinkedIn Recruiter

Provide viable candidate profiles which means:

• Local “open to opportunities” candidate profiles that check all boxes as

discussed at kick off and Recruiter to engage


• Candidates who have already gone through an initial phone screen with

Sourcers and are ready for the next step

•Track candidate profiles in shared Google doc so Recruiter can easily see

what candidates have been sourced, outreached, phone screened, etc. This

document can be used to guide Sourcer/Recruiter weekly touchbases.

•Build candidate pipelines for future reqs

•Maintain a req load of 14-16 reqs

• Req load varies based on complexity and seniority of reqs

Contracr Sourcer

•Extension of the Recruiter team, responsible for

sourcing, attracting, and engaging diverse talent

•Sourcing is what they can do

Someone who fundamentally understands the

recruitment lifecycle and sourcing

Uses our tools (Smashfly + LinkedIn)

Makes sure we have turned over every rock and


FTE Sourcer

(Future State)

•Part of a Sourcing + Research team, responsible for

talent & market insights

•Bring their own set of tools and best practices to

use, in addition to our in-house tools (Smashfly +


•Uses our tools (Smashfly + LinkedIn)

•Makes sure we have turned over every rock and


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