Head of Marketing

San Francisco-CA
  Position Type : Direct Hire 

Job Description

About this role.

We are looking for a Head of Marketing with an entrepreneurial spirit to lead our marketing team, define marketing strategies, drive sales, and grow the company’s revenue across all marketing channels. You will be a strategic thinker who never loses sight of the big picture while being acutely aware of the daily details. The ideal candidate is not afraid to do the work and is also someone who can lead their team to fully optimize their time and deliver exceptional results and campaigns. Reporting to the CEO and Director of Operations, the Director of Marketing will work with all levels within our company and be a core member of the senior leadership team.

There are three key areas for unlocking and maximizing enterprise value that you will be responsible for.

  1. Product & Content Marketing that generates competitive differentiation.
  2. Pipeline of new logo opportunities for Sales & Self-Service
  3. Launch and own a new client website with heavy emphasis on product and content marketing.


We are in the process of building out our Marketing team. We currently have 3 part-time marketing professionals. Over the course of your first year you will be responsible for launching a new client as well as building out your team.


Core Competencies

  1. Product Marketing Functional Leadership
    1. Experience with marketing a broad solution suite with multiple buyer personas
    2. Expertise at packaging and communicating value propositions that enable prospects to perceive and defend the differentiation of client-- unique solution/problem alignment; technology differentiation; measurable and compelling business value
    3. Track record of beating competition as evidenced by win rates, market share and analyst rankings
  2. Content Marketing Functional Leadership
    1. Expertise in B2B content marketing
    2. Plan, organize and execute various content marketing activities on an annual, quarterly, and sprintly basis.
  3. Demand Generation Functional Leadership
    1. Expertise at designing and executing B2B Enterprise Software demand generation programs that deliver consistent results and enable bookings achievement
    2. Track record of managing and scaling paid media budgets.
    3. Plan, organize and execute various marketing events such as prospect and customer events, conferences, exhibitions
  4. Commercial savvy
    1. Successful at organizing, developing and leading teams to meet targets
    2. Skilled at collaborating with sales teams to ensure competitiveness and accelerate sales cycles
    3. Able to quickly grasp the nuances of a given market ecosystem and understand competitive value propositions and drive rapid iterations with messaging and programs
    4. Proven bias towards defending differentiation and value
    5. Viewed as a credible, market-facing executive
  5. Analytical
    1. Expertise at tracking, analyzing and interpreting relevant pipeline metrics
    2. Expertise in connecting marketing efforts to business results, specifically revenue, and not just top of funnel vanity metrics
  6. Results Oriented – generates the outcome
    1. Track record of delivering the result, not just the activity
    2. Accomplishes 100% of objectives – not getting tired and abandoning at the 85% mark
    3. Revenue mindset and approach – prioritizes the creation of tangible enterprise value vs. getting stuck on qualitative pieces related to building a “great software company”

Role Qualifications

  • 8+ years of experience in Product Marketing and Content Marketing
  • Significant experience with B2B Enterprise SaaS.
  • Experience managing a team of high-performing Marketers
  • Experience scaling a company from 10s of people to 100s
  • Highly aligned with our company values

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