Cloud Cost Analyst - 1603765SE

 Job-ID :   1603765SE 
  Category :  Analysts 
  Position Type : Contract Remote 

Job Description

Cloud Costing Analyst

The role is for a costing analyst (much like a product analyst or business system analyst). First, the person will be learning on what to do from an existing costing analyst (Mary Tran).The person will be managing our Amazon cloud account and Microsoft Azure Accounts.

  • The person will be doing financial forecasting for the account based on the vInput received from management team
  • plans received from the team during their planning events, i.e. PI Planning, Sprint Planning, etc.
  • The person will compare our actual cost against the forecast budget.
  •  The person will report out where we are off/out from the budget
  • The person will investigate the reasons why we are off.
  • The person will monitor the run rate of our cloud expenditure and flag sudden spikes for troubleshooting and investigation
  • The person will also be providing input in the design of 2 new automated systems

Cloud Red solution

based on the areas where they think things are the most difficult to do or will provide the biggest benefit based on their user experience.

Time wise the person’s time will be broken down like this:

30% on costing/reporting

20% monitoring/ troubleshooting and investigation

15% meetings – Finance/Technical Operations /Enterprise Platforms

25% collaborate with design teams automation design and testing of CloudRed and Cloudability tools.

10% misc.

Experience  wanted/needed:

This is an L-Band position (junior) person.

Any Nike Experience will be a PLUS.

Any person that has 1 to 2 years experience budgeting (for a team or business) and ensuring that actual expenditure is within budget limits.

3 to 5 years experience working in a team setting


Qualifications/Education needed:

High School Ceritificate



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