EDI Analyst/Programmer

  Position Type : Contract 

Job Description

Desired Skills and Experience

The EDI Analyst's chief role is to configure and deploy electronic data interchange with the client and trading partners and communicate directly with vendor/customer entities to understand the EDI specification, transactional requirements and messaging capabilities between the Trading partner and client systems and to design a useful channel for transactional exchange securely and accurately.

The EDI Analyst/Programmer is to understand the EDI platform environment and look for opportunities to implement the EDI and EC technology solutions in a cost-effective way by collaborating with appropriate IT personnel and EDI vendors and through research to effectively implement programs to support the growing needs for B2B and B2C connectivity. The EDI analyst is to combine data analysis and troubleshooting inbound/outbound transactions to make sure that all business processes issues related to interchange are escalated and resolved.

Essential Functions

  • Understand and manage current EDI environment, and tasks including application configuration, error resolution and troubleshooting. Identify the source of problems and make/request repairs.
  • Monitor EDI inbound and outbound. Analyze and troubleshoot exception reports and work with B2B and EDI vendors for issue resolution.
  • Follow up, resolve and coordinate EDI inbound and outbound with 3PL and Customer Portals.
  • Coordinate, facilitate and deploy completed EDI solutions, new implementations, providing support as needed for new and existing Trading Partner.
  • Develop new mapping or enable new communication channel and conversion of multiple EDI interfaces and integration of customized programs.
  • Extract, transform & load EDI 850, 856 & 810 data from ERP to MS SQL Server using data integrator or applications available.
  • Assist the BA with developing interface files, scope outlines, EDI File definition documentation, testing and validation, version control, and user testing for modified/new systems.
  • Work on multiple projects between company technology initiative and automation projects, EDI automation and other ERP related application as assigned by the Business Analyst (BA).
  • Interact with other departments, customers, or project team members and maintain good working relationships and open lines of communication with all other departments.
  • Monitor and update DevOps development backlog, and update project development within team and departments.
  • Document, update and keep track of IT assets across client locations.
  • Assist IT team and IT Vendor/Support in issue resolution through Track-It, setup, install and integration of application and IT equipment/assets to improve efficiency of information systems and the quality, security and integrity of data that the client shares across the network and with business partners.

Qualifications Required

  • A bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, Computer Information Systems (CIS), Management Information systems (MIS), or a similar field of study.
  • A minimum of 2 years of experience as EDI Analyst
  • Working knowledge with numerous EDI Software translation platforms with mapping experience of the following: 810, 812, 820, 180, 832, 850, 855, 856,864, 940, 945. 947, 997, ANSI X12 transactions
  • Experience in multiple communication protocols: VAN, AS2, SFTP, FTP
  • Experience with the Application Delivery Method, database querying (SSRS), and various software and system architecture (SQL) and programming languages.
  • Must be able to understand and write scripts and code to aid in EDI scripting and mapping development.
  • Experience with the mod

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